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Whether your house is shabby chic, clean and modern, or somewhere in between, we are confident that you will find the perfect reindeer hide to provide a luxurious final touch to your space. The unique, three-dimensional shape of our hides serves as an eye-catching yet subtle detail and the dense, thick fur for which they are renowned make them a popular covering for more than just their stunning appearance. Each individual hair on a hide is hollow as a means of providing natural insulation, meaning your rug will never lack for warmth in style or to the touch. Entirely natural, our reindeer hides come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Ideal for use as luscious floor coverings in low-traffic areas or snug throws for your furniture, we have a variety of hides available to suit any styling requirement.

Backed by authentic, supple leather, our reindeer hides are sourced directly from Poland, known for their independent and ethical production. No two hides are the same, and as reindeer are renowned for their incredible and stunning markings, you can be assured that your piece will be an investment in both art and luxury.

To maintain the quality of your hide, we recommend lightly combing your hide on a regular basis to rid the piece of any loose hairs or dust that may accumulate. Avoid exposing your hide to extreme heat, humidity, and direct sunlight in order to keep the leather backing supple and fur soft. For minor spills and marks, we recommend spot-cleaning your hide with warm, fresh water and allowing it to dry in a cool, shady space. For further tips on caring for your hide, visit our Cleaning + Care page.

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