About Us

After searching online for a genuine cow hide rug as a gift it became apparent to my partner and I that there was nothing available within a reasonable price range. This sparked an interest to fill this gap in the market. So, after many months of enquiries both local and overseas Lux & Hide was born. We source the very best quality hides from suppliers, that are all hand picked, to make sure you get the very best product for your money.

With the help of our network, the Lux & Hide range is continuingly growing. We are now stocking products like cushions, butterfly chairs, sheepskins, and of course, a huge variety of cow hides, all at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and take the time to photography and describe every single product so you know exactly what you're buying. We are continually looking to improve your online experience, so we are always happy to assist you in any way.

We really do value your support

Meg, Caleb + our little Buddha.