Genuine Sheepskin Rug Cleaning and Care Guide

Genuine sheepskin rugs are a beautiful addition to any home or office environment as they are soft, supportive and have a variety of health benefits associated with them. Sheepskin rugs are naturally hypoallergenic and contain properties that promote healthy body temperature and blood circulation. They are renowned for supporting overall health and wellbeing, so just like with a pair of new shoes, you’ll want to take good care of your sheepskin to ensure it stays with you for years to come. You can guarantee this longevity by taking our advice for proper sheepskin rug cleaning and care.

Health Benefits of Sheepskin 

Sheepskin rugs contain lanolin, a type of organic wax that is found in the wool of domestic sheep. This lanolin is extremely soothing to inflamed or sensitive skin, making it suitable for all skin types. As well, the naturally-crimped fibres of sheepskin are supportive, in that they actively cushion your body and absorbs pressure, making them great for alleviating aches and pains in the body. They also help to regulate body temperature, deter bacteria and naturally wick moisture away from the body.

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning and Care

If you’re considering adding a genuine sheepskin to your home decor, but you’re unsure of the work involved (especially for a white rug) then this guide is for you! 

The natural characteristics of wool actually repel dirt, so while this aids in caring for your rug, it doesn’t mean you can neglect it in the hopes it’ll keep itself clean.  

Easy Sheepskin Rug Cleaning Steps

1. Brush The Wool to Keep it Fluffy

Over time, the areas your rug is sat on most regularly will start to flatten. You can reverse this by brushing your sheepskin rug periodically using a carding brush. It’s normal for some wool to come out, so don’t worry about that, and just brush it until the hair is untangled and smooth.

2. Shake it to Remove Dirt

Dirt will be loosely lodged in your rug due to the natural presence of lanolin, so shaking it will easily remove any excess dirt from your rug.

3. Spot Clean in the Case of Spills/Stains

Unfortunately, spills happen, and it’s how you clean them that matters. Never use any chemicals or detergents on your sheepskin rug. Instead, spot clean using a damp cloth and lukewarm water only. For tough stains, you can dampen the wool and cover it with potato starch or cornstarch and rub it over the stain. Simply leave it to dry and brush the dry statch away. 

When cleaning, don’t oversaturate it with water as it can damage the wool.

4. Don’t Place Your Rug in Direct Sunlight

When air drying your sheepskin, always position it in a shady spot. Direct sun can discolour and fade a dyed sheepskin, and turn a white sheepskin yellow. In between thorough cleans, you can freshen up your sheepskin by shaking it out, hanging it outside overnight and brushing through the wool.

With the correct sheepskin rug cleaning and care, your sheepskin will have no trouble maintaining its gorgeous, fluffy appearance. 

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