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The Top Five Benefits of Choosing a Natural Cowhide

If you love the look of cowhide rugs and cowhide home accessories, you may contemplate whether you’d prefer a natural cowhide or a faux cowhide. This may be a big consideration, especially if you love animals and feel as though it’s a cruel trade (it’s not, by the way!) In our previous blog, Everything You Need to Know About Cowhide Leather, we touched on the qualities of natural cowhide leather and debunked the myth of cowhides being sourced inhumanely. Here, we’ll run you through the top five benefits of choosing an authentic cowhide over a faux one.  High Quality Authentic cowhides are extremely durable. They have the ability to withstand high foot traffic, which is of great benefit if you have an active home...

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Everything You Need to Know About Cowhide Leather

Animal skins and furs have been used by humans for centuries, since at least 3000BC, where animal materials were commonly used for warmth and shelter. Nowadays, leather products are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and long-standing nature. The modern appeal for leather stems from its decorative elements, whether it be for furniture or apparel. Cowhide is the most well-known animal skin product and is the optimum choice for rugs (cowhide rugs) and upholstery, such as butterfly chairs. Cowhide leather is durable, soft and easy to care for.  Benefits of Cowhide Leather Cowhide is one of the thickest types of leather, which accounts for its strength and durability. Unlike most variations of leather, cowhide is waterproof, doesn’t rip or...

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